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Project Description

Running parallel to Chef Demo Stage activity on the Saturday afternoon will be a wood-fired cooking demonstration.

Two “Drumbecues” will be fired up, baking with fish landed from sea and tasters given out.


Ben Quinn

Canteen Cornwall is a purpose led catering business doing things differently.

Leading Canteen is:

  • Ben Quinn, chef and founder with heritage in developing Cornwall’s food scene
  • Samantha Quinn, director with a long standing career in leading charitable organisations within Cornwall’s diverse VCSE sector

The business is born from Ben’s many years working in hospitality industry and Sam’s passion to do things differently – considering a wider impact of people, place and purpose. Ben always knew there was more to the kitchen than just another plate of food and Sam brought the know-how required to enable a purpose led approach. What they created was a catering business that has more at its heart than feeding for the sake of it! Canteen has a simple purpose:

“Working with good people, cooking good food”

The essence of all that Canteen delivers emanates from its purpose, telling stories through its menus and leading to the creation of truly memorable experiences around food, where guests leave with more than a full belly.

Canteen is home to Woodfired Canteen and Woodfired Weddings, as well as IDEAS (our take on consultancy in support of our wider hospitality and creative business community). Canteen approaches all these discreet aspects with the same strength of purpose, with exceptional results.

Cooking over live fire in front of guests and serving to the centre of long tables for both weddings and events WFW and WFC create exciting menus showcasing local and seasonal produce, but the story comes first – from that the food ideas can begin to flow! The offering for both weddings and events has become synonymous with experience eating, acclaimed for delivering much more than a plate of food and as the embers fade the spark is ready for the next.

WFC is proud of the places and people it has worked with – knowing when laying tables that the experience guests have will stay with them forever. It’s this fact that fuels the purpose led team to keep the fires going, lay bigger tables and seek more stories.

Woodfired Canteen have been overwhelmed by opportunities to work alongside events held in high regard, from Wilderness to Meatopia and also Outstanding in the Field (USA). WFC are now proud to be telling The Lost Stories of Heligan in the very gardens that hold these stories and have inspired so many.